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Manage Sources and Destination Clouds

Put source websites as well as databases in one place for easy management like test, edit and delete. Also list all added destination clouds in one place to rename, edit, remove and view properties.

When you need to backup for some websites or databases to different clouds, you can first to add these websites, databases and target clouds before creating backup.

Add Sources and Clouds

1.Log in eBackupper account, click "Management"-->"Sources"-->"Web Source" or "DB Source" to add your websites or databases.

Type into your FTP/SFTP login credentials to connect Website:

Type into your database account to add Database (MySQL supports only):

2.Click "Management"-->"Clouds"-->"Add Cloud Drive" to add the target cloud drives. Currently only supports adding Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive as backup drive, will support more cloud drive soon.

Add OneDrive account as example:
Step 1: Select Onedrive type, click Next

Step 2: Click "Add OneDrive Account", it will skip to OneDrive site and then type into your login credentials of your OneDrive so that eBackupper can gain access permission.

Step 3: After that, it will skip back to eBackupper, you can see Onedrive is listed. And, you can add more cloud accounts to here.

Manage Sources and Clouds

1.After you add websites or databases, you can test if it is able to be connected successfully, edit again and delete it.

2.After you add clouds, you can rename clouds display name or remove it. And, you also can check the clouds information, such as, used space, total space and so on.