Outstanding Main Features

Our remarkable backup and recovery features will work together friendly to protect your invisible wealth - online data from loss in accidents.

One-click Website Backup

One-click backup your entire website and save web files to your own cloud storage. Now, you have a double insurance of the website and be safe to use it. Currently support FTP and SFTP.

Back up Database to Cloud

Make a complete backup of your database in easy steps to keep your crucial data safer. Store database copy in cloud drive in case of data loss after source database get damaged. Currently support MySQL.

Reliable Restore

Recover all the websites/databases based on backup time point you have created in early times. Reduce your loss both physical and mental to the minimum is our ultimate mission.

Advanced and Useful Functions

More detailed choices or settings give precise shelter to your precious files/folders online from unexpected damage.

Automatic Schedule Backup

Automatically carry out backup tasks scheduled by you daily, weekly or monthly. Once setup, you can have your websites/databases backed up without operating by yourself every time.

Selective Backup or Restore

Just pick up the files you want to back up or restore instead of the whole website or database. This really saves much time and storage space for you.

Multiple Sources in One Task

You are able to select multiple websites or databases as backup sources in one task. But for destination, you can only choose one cloud drive in one task.

Migrate Websites / Databases

Instead of restoring to original site, restore to another advanced location to complete website or database migration as well as get better performance.

Additional Special Cares

More humane and friendly services will serve you well and make it easy and convenient for you to deal with your backup and restoration tasks.

Manage Sources and Destination Clouds

Put source websites as well as databases in one place for easy management like test, edit and delete. Also list all added destination clouds in one place to rename, edit, remove and view properties.

Email Notification

AOMEI Database Backupper provides you with an option to order email notification about its tasks. Whether the task finishes successfully or encounters some error. It will inform you immediately.

Backup and Restore Logs

It will generate logs recording the process of backup and restoration. If you encounter some problem which you can’t solve, you can send us the log and we will figure out what’s going on for you.

Power-off Backup / Background Operation

As long as you have set up a schedule task, it will carry out it exactly at the time you have chosen even if you don’t start up your computer. Also, a task can operate in background while you are dealing with other matters.

Support All Devices & All OS

AOMEI Database Backupper is web-based software service which can be used on any devices like desktop, laptop, notebook, pad and phone as well as any operating system like Windows, Linux, Apple IOS, Android, etc.

Backed File Download

In case if you want to save another copy of website/database backup files on local storages, AOMEI Database Backupper allows you to download them from cloud location any time you like.

Cloud Services

Google Drive