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Database Backup

Make a complete backup of your database in easy steps to keep your crucial data safer. Store database copy in cloud drive in case of data loss after source database gets damaged.

How to backup database to cloud?

Step 1: Login to your eBackupper account, click Management, Sources, DB Source, Add DB Source, enter your database credentials, so that eBackupper can access your database. Or you can directly click Database Backup, then click Add DB Backup to add your database.

Step 2: Click Management, Clouds, Add Cloud Drive, and then select cloud type, type your cloud drive credentials so that eBackupper can access your cloud. Or you can directly click Datebase Backup, then click Add Cloud Drive to add your clouds.

Step 3: Select source and target, and then click Start Backup Now to begin the backup. You can customize advanced configuration for the current backup task, for example, set email notification in Settings, schedule backup in Schedule.

Backup is running.

1. Currently only MySQL is supported, more types of databases will be supported in later versions. Besides, MySQL system databases will not be listed in eBackupper.
2. If you add MySQL by a normal account with only "select" permission, you won't be able to restore the backup unless the administrator assigns corresponding permissions.
3. Currently only Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive are supported, more types of clouds will be supported in later versions. Besides, there are rate limits in Google Drive and Dropbox API, so the backup speed will be slower comparing to OneDrive.