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Manage Backup Tasks

Task Manager can help you manage backup tasks you have created, you can make a backup/restore or edit this task,etc.

After creating backup tasks for your websites and databases via eBackupper, you can view the detailed status of the tasks and you can even manage and restore all backup tasks created via Task Manager.

You can edit backup, view logs and delete your backup tasks through Advanced button.

Edit Backup: For edit backup, it enable you to change the backup source after doing the backup and if you want to enable email notification for your backup tasks and create a scheduled backup task, then you can click this function to achieve your need. Besides, you can edit your task name through Edit Backup if you did not edit it when creating the task.

  • Notes:
  • You cannot modify the target cloud through Edit Backup unless you create a new backup task.
  • You cannot modify the alias of your websites and databases through Edit Backup and if you want to change it, please click Management----Sources----Options----Edit.

View Logs: If you want to view the status of your backup task after doing the backup, then this feature enable you to view the detailed info about your backup task and you can view the backup and restore info clearly.

Delete Task: You can delete this backup task if you do not need it anymore. If you delete both backup task and its backup files on the target cloud, then you cannot perform restore.