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Automatic Scheduled Backup

eBackupper is able to back up your websites and databases automatically and periodically at a regular basis, which can enhance data security to a large extent. eBackupper provides four schedule modes: Once, Daily, Weekly and Monthly. With these modes, you can run different scheduled tasks to back up your websites and databases.

How to Create Scheduled Backup Task

Step1: Create an account of eBackupper , add your website or database account via Management---Sources, add your target cloud account via Management---Clouds. Let’s take the website backup task as an example.

Step 2: Add the web files you want to backup, select the target cloud, enable “Schedule” button, select one mode, click “Save Schedule” and click “Add Backup Task”.

Step 3: After creating the backup task, you can view the status of it via Task Manager.

About Schedule Mode

Once Mode: Set a time point to perform the backup task once only.

Daily Mode:Set a time point to perform the backup task daily and this task can run three times each day.

Weekly Mode:Set a time point and eBackupper will automatically perform the backup at a given time point on the chosen day(s) every week.

Monthly Mode:Choose a time point on specific days from the calendar to perform the backup task every month and you can select multiple days on the calendar.