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How to Backup WordPress Website to Cloud for Free?

Summary: Backup WordPress website is very important, here provides you the way for how to backup WordPress website to cloud, and you can backup WordPress website for free with AOMEI Database Backupper.

It is necessary to backup WordPress website

May be there are still a lot of users do not care about backup. They don’t know what backup is and how important it is. Or they know backup is important but haven’t ever backed up their WordPress website.

Why backup is so important? Imaging that all your work you’ve put into your WordPress site over the years lost because of some unexpected things happen, what a horrible thing! If it makes a big or huge influence to you, you need to backup your WordPress website immediately.

Where to backup WordPress website?

Knowing that backup WordPress website is so important, you need to do it as soon as possible. you can backup WordPress to computer, external hard drive, even cloud services. Cloud services are more and more popular and many users would like to backup website to cloud drives such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Drobox, MEGA, Box, Mediafire, Pcloud, etc. As cloud services are more convenient (you can access your backup as only as you access your cloud drive account no matter where you are), here we highly recommend you to backup WordPress website to cloud drives.

How to backup WordPress website to cloud?

I’ve tried many ways to backup WordPress website as so far. Such as manual scripts, plugins, hosting company backups. Finally, I found this great tool - AOMEI Database Backupper, which can help you backup WordPress website for free. What’s more, it is easy to operate. Here you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Get into there official site, sign up to get your AOMEI Database Backupper account. After that, you can start to backup your online data to cloud drives.

Step 2. To backup your WordPress website, here you need to click Management to add sources and clouds. Here click Management -> Sources. In the Hosts Management, click Web Source -> Add Website Source.

Add Website Source

Step 3. After adding website source, here you need to click Management -> Clouds. In the Cloud Backup Management, you can add cloud drive to AOMEI Database Backupper to store your backups. Click Add Cloud Drive and follow the hints to add your cloud drive for storing backups.

Add Cloud Drive

* AOMEI Database Backupper supports backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, OneDrive, MEGA, Box, Mediafire, Pcloud at present.

Step 4. After adding source and cloud, click Website Backup to backup WordPress Website to cloud (here is OneDrive). Click Website -> Add website Files you want to backup. Here you can choose to backup all items, or part of them.

Add Website Files

Step 5. Click Select Cloud Drive to add your cloud drive to backup WordPress website to. Here is OneDrive. Select it and click OK.

Select Cloud Drive

Step 6. Before executing the operation, you can click Schedule to setup an automatic backup website so that you do not manually backup WordPress when there are any change on your website. Save a schedule for once, daily, weekly, monthly, and click Start Backup Now.

Start Backup

After backing up WordPress website to cloud, you can restore them back to you from any time point once you need.

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Users’ Review

Joanna Berry

By using AOMEI Database Backupper cloud backup service, I get a full protection to my database with many valuable data. One suggestion is that hope AOMEI Database Backupper will support more kinds of databases and cloud drive destinations in the near future!

Markus Kasteiner

AOMEI Database Backupper saves me much time and money to back up my private website to my Google Drive without any charge. With this insurance, I will never worried about my website been attacked by any ransomware. It is just so amazing!

David Wilkinson

AOMEI Database Backupper is an online free service that allows users to back up their websites or databases to various cloud services as well as restore from cloud images to original or new target location. Only one click, protect our data from unexpected loss.