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How to Backup MySQL Database to Google Drive?

  • posted by @Bryce
  • August 31, 2018
Abstract: To protect MySQL Database, you can use the database backup software AOMEI Database Backupper to backup MySQL Database to Google Drive, OneDrive or other cloud drives automatically.

It is important to backup MySQL

MySQL, a popular database management solution, can be used to manage the data from applications or website. Your site store its sensitive data in MySQL database, thus it is important to backup MySQL Database to avoid data loss if something happens.

Why not backup MySQL Database to Google Drive?

After realizing the necessity of backing up MySQL Database, do you have any idea about the destination place that save MySQL Database backup?

Nowadays, Cloud storage service has been developing well. It is with large storage device and enables you to access your files in it everywhere. Among a lots of cloud drives, Google drive will be a nice choice due to its various advantages. For example, the developer of Google Drive, Google is trusted; the volume of Google Drive is reasonable.

How to do MySQL to Google drive automatic backup?

To backup MySQL Database to Google Drive automatically and conveniently, AOMEI Database Backupper, a free web-based service for MySQL auto backup can be your great solution. With concise and intuitive interface, it allows you to backup MySQL Database easily and quickly. The detailed tutorial on how to backup MySQL Database to Google Drive will be presented in the next context.

Step 1.Go to the official site of eBakcupper. Then Sign up for free or Sign in if you already have an eBakcupper account.

Sign Up AOMEI Database Backupper Account

Step 2.After signing in, you are in the main interface of AOMEI Database Backupper as the following screenshot.

Datbase Backup

Step 3.Now you are in Database Backup interface. Click “+” to add the MySQL Database that you want to backup and click “OK” to add the Database.

Add the Database

Step 4.You’ll be in the Host Management window. Click “Add DB Source” and input the Host information, user name and password in the small pop-up window.

Add DB Source

Step 5.After adding DB source, you need to select Database Backup again. Click “Add Databases you want to backup” and choose the database that you need to backup. You can choose the whole database. Then, click “OK” button.

Backup MySQL Database to Google Drive

Step 6.Now, you can click “Select Cloud Drive” to choose the destination space to backup MySQL Database. Supposed that you have already added Google Drive, you can choose it directly. If not, click “Add Cloud Drive” to add Google Drive and then choose it as destination drive.

Choose Google Drive

Step 7. After selecting Google Drive as destination place, you can clickon “Start Backup Now” button to perform the task.

Backup MySQL to Google Drive

To backup MySQL Database to Google Drive automatically, you can click “Schedule” and choose one option among Daily, Weekly and Monthly to do MySQL database to Google Drive backup for daily, weekly, or monthly. Then, click “Save Schedule” to save backup schedule.

How to Backup MySQL Databse Automatically

Finally, click “Startup Backup Now” to perform MySQL Database to Google Drive backup.

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Users’ Review

Joanna Berry

By using AOMEI Database Backupper cloud backup service, I get a full protection to my database with many valuable data. One suggestion is that hope AOMEI Database Backupper will support more kinds of databases and cloud drive destinations in the near future!

Markus Kasteiner

AOMEI Database Backupper saves me much time and money to back up my private website to my Google Drive without any charge. With this insurance, I will never worried about my website been attacked by any ransomware. It is just so amazing!

David Wilkinson

AOMEI Database Backupper is an online free service that allows users to back up their websites or databases to various cloud services as well as restore from cloud images to original or new target location. Only one click, protect our data from unexpected loss.